Thursday, October 26, 2006
My 1st thought, sharing with you
Hello this is Sanket from Mumbai, India. I am from middle class family. I have some dreams. I want to start my own business but I am facing problem of limited capital investment so I have started business which require limited capital, you won't belive I have started my business with just Rs 500/- I am able to make it 50,000 today. I am not doing any illegal activity its like teaching job, not to school or collage student. I teaching something to people for that I am charging Rs. 1500/-. and now you may ask how much time/ days it take, u again won't belive it hardly take 2 hours. Now you will ask what u teach, but sorry its secret please don't force me to tell. but I promise you, I will tell you one day.
friends actually I am earning good money from my current business but still I want more as I am satisfied with work but I want to start 2nd business. Yah actually I am thinking about it. But now I have confidence that if I make 500 to 50,000 then I definitely make 50,000 to 5,00,000. I don't have over confidence but now I understand risk is other name of business.
I started flogging because I want some friend to share my experience as I meeting new people everyday. Do you know while think what to write I remember one person whom I called just now as he is also in business and he have experience in the field where I want to start business as I don't have any experience. From experience you may want to know my education sorry I forgot to tell you I am BMS graduate BMS stand for Bachelor of Management Studies. many of my friend working somewhere with salary between 4500 to 10,000 and some go for MBA but I decided to start business and my friend think I am fool whatever they think It doesn't matter
So I talking about I called one man which going to help me in the business which i planning to start , few minutes I called him on his cell but he not responding may be busy in his work so I decide to call him later. You will think who is this person well this person is like gate pass to me if everythink work alright I may make 50,000 to 500,000 from one business. you may wonder why I am not telling what business I am going to start because no one tell me to start business as its my own research and you have to do think what business you want to start as I have experienced no one going show you the way as you have to find your own way same I do and same u have to do.
Ok actually I just got call of one of my client so I am going now as in business I am very time punctual
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